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By Colin Powell

Laser Hair Removal

Are you tired of shaving, plucking, or waxing? Do you get razor bumps or ingrown hairs when you shave? If so, you may want to consider laser hair removal. Come in and allow our Certified Nurse Laser Technicians to help unshackle you from the infinite need of shaving, waxing, or threading. Laser hair removal offers a convenient and effective way to permanently eliminate unwanted hair and attain soft, radiant skin.

Reveal Medical Aesthetics offers a selection of lasers to treat different skin types and complexions, including people with darker skin tones. We will customize each treatment according to how the hair follicle is appearing treatment to treatment to ensure you receive the best results possible. You will be in a private treatment room where your Registered Nurse will go over exactly what you can anticipate during and after the procedure. When treatment is decided to be performed, during the session, the laser’s pulse will feel comparable to the snap of a rubber band. The following 1-3 weeks, the treated hair falls out.

For optimal results, expect to return for a series of 6 or more sessions spaced out 4-12 weeks depending on the area being treated. Yet, you can expect to see immediate results after just one session. This goes to prove just how powerful laser treatment can be. With each following treatment, you can expect fewer and fewer hairs to return. After a complete series of treatments, some will see long-term hair removal which may last for many years. Others may require maintenance treatments over time to maintain their degree of hair loss.