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By Colin Powell


Kybella injectable treatment works around the jowls in the same way as it does in the submental area. The procedure involves a series of injectable treatments within set 4 to 6 weeks apart. The treatment provider will usually recommend two to three injections for a desirable reduction. The jowl region is smaller than the submental region. Therefore, this area will need fewer injections.

The patient will experience significant inflammation after receiving the injection for the initial week because of the inflammatory process involved in the disintegration of fat cells by the solution.

Kybella slims down the jawline and may also reduce the appearance of a double chin. The procedure involves minimal downtime, no sagging skin, and an improvement in the firmness of the skin. Kybella works as an excellent technique to sharpen the jawline and take fat (and years!) off the patient’s face.

With just a few injections, most patients can notice a visibly younger and sharper appearing jaw and face. A majority of the patients experience some inflammation in the initial week after receiving their injection with a slight risk of other side effects.