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By Colin Powell


Discover a non-invasive solution for rejuvenating your neck and embracing a more youthful appearance. As an alternative to traditional surgical procedures, non-surgical treatments offer a range of benefits without the need for going under the knife. Experience the advantages of improved skin tone and texture, reduced wrinkles and neck folds, and a revitalized neck contour, all achieved through minimally invasive methods that promote quicker recovery times and minimal side effects.

At Reveal Medical Aesthetics, we believe in achieving optimal results by combining therapies. Our comprehensive approach includes thread lifts for gentle lifting, neurotoxins to soften appearances, radiofrequency microneedling for tightening and to enhance textural appearance. Injectable dermal fillers like Restylane, Juvéderm, hyperdiluted Radiesse, and Sculptra help reduce wrinkles and restore lost volume to the neck’s skin. For those with excess fat under the chin and upper neck, Kybella, composed of deoxycholic acid, breaks down and metabolizes fat cells.

As surgical procedures come with longer recovery times, higher costs, and increased risks, many people now prefer non-surgical neck lift alternatives such as Botox, lasers, and more. These safer, more affordable options require less downtime and deliver natural-looking results, enhancing the beauty of your neck with minimal disruption to your life.