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By Colin Powell


Collagen Induction Therapy aka Microneedling is a clinically proven treatment that produces collagen and elastin in aging skin. Micro-needling (or CIT) is a safe and effective method for all skin types to improve fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, alopecia, skin tightening, as well as a variety of other skin ailments. Your body treats a small wound the same way as a large wound and sends fibroblasts to create more collagen in the affected area. We are basically tricking your skin into thinking it has been wounded, but as a result, we are thickening the skin and improving the texture with this procedure. 

Here at Reveal Medical Aesthetics, the treatment begins by first cleansing the areas, then numbing for about 30 minutes, re-cleansing and then applying a serum. Your specialist will then needle the serum in, apply another layer, then use a mask over the top to seal everything in. Keep in mind, this is not the same procedure as a “vampire facial,” which uses growth factor from your own blood, and is recommended for very advanced signs of aging.