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By Colin Powell

Laser Tattoo Removal

Reveal Medical Aesthetics uses the Q-switched Nd Yag laser, which employs an intense beam of light that aids to significantly lighten or completely remove your tattoo. The intense light breaks down the ink into tiny fragments, which are safely absorbed through your skin with your body’s natural, cleaning process. After your session, the treated area can scab up and when the scab comes off, some of the tattoo goes with it.

As each tattoo is different, so is the number of treatments needed to remove it. Factors like size, location, depth and particularly the color of your tattoo all contribute to how fast it can be lightened or removed. Your tattoo removal sessions are scheduled 6-8 weeks apart to permit your skin to heal between treatments. Patients will commonly start to notice the lightening of their tattoo soon after the very first session, however 5-15 treatments may be needed for optimal results. Please schedule a consultation so that we can answer all your questions and begin your laser tattoo removal journey.