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Embarrassed to show your feet or hands in public due to a fungal nail issue? The truth is that nail fungus is a problem year-round, but it gets worse during the summer because of the heat and sweat. The infection can be extremely contagious. It can spread from nail to nail, skin to nail, or even person to person if individuals are sharing items. Here at Reveal Medical Aesthetics, our Nurse professionals are ready to assist you in eliminating that pesky nail fungus once and for all by using our state of the art ND:YAG laser machine. Fungus causes nails to become thick, yellow and brittle in a way that doesn’t look so pleasant and at times can be painful. Even if just one nail is infected, all nails are treated to ensure there is no chance of the infection spreading. This is essential to eradicate all fungi spores that may bloom after your initial treatment. However, significant improvement is usually seen after one treatment.

  • 30-minute treatment time.
  • 4-6 treatments required, spaced 3-6 weeks apart.
  • No damage to nail or surrounding skin.
  • No downtime.