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HydraFacial MD®

HydraFacial is for everyone!

When you receive a Hydrafacial™ treatment at Reveal we begin your treatment with our Medical Grade ZO Getting Skin Ready protocol. You not only get the amazing benefits that a Hydrafacial delivers but also the added benefits of the way ZO balances and deep cleans your skin. The Hydrafacial treatment improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, congested and enlarged pores. It also works on oily or acne-prone skin, hyperpigmentation and brown spots and is even suitable for thin, aging, ethnic, dry or oily skin. This 30-60-minute relaxing procedure uses patented technology to cleanse, extract, hydrates and infuses antioxidants leaving your skin with an instant gratifying glow. Partner your HydraFacial with a ZO® Skin Health, HydraFacial Booster Serum to decrease inflammation or to brighten your skin and lessen the appearance of discoloration.